Top Irish Bingo Sites September 2022

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Why playing bingo online is so popular in Ireland

The game of bingo has a long history as one of Ireland’s most favourite games. For almost 100 years, Irish players have flocked to bingo halls to enjoy a relaxing time with friends, ticking off numbers on their bingo card as they are called out by the bingo master. But in the past two decades, more and more Irish fans have discovered that playing bingo online is even more fun.

Online bingo rooms manage to combine the excitement and camaraderie of the traditional bingo hall with all the convenience of the internet. Now players in Ireland can play bingo online from the comfort of their own home on the computer, or even while they are on the go, using their smartphones.

But best of all, playing bingo online also allows you to take advantage of the amazing welcome bonuses at the top Irish bingo sites listed above. Why not sign up with one today and jump into the thrilling world of Irish online bingo games?

Online bingo is just as social as in the bingo halls

Bingo has always been the most social gambling experience, as it welcomes casual punters who just want to play for low stakes and high times. Thankfully, online bingo also offers the chance for Irish fans to join a friendly and inviting community. Every room at the bingo sites above come with chat functions which allow players to share a laugh and a joke and wish each other good luck. When you make new friends, you can even add them to your buddy list!

What’s more, the friendly and bubbly chat moderators ensure a safe and fun environment for all. These moderators keep the conversations lively and oversee competitions in which players can win real cash prizes. At the top Irish bingo sites above, these games are all about community. What’s more, these social elements attract a younger demographic than casinos or bookies, and it's now estimated that as many as 45% of online bingo players are under 30, and 70% of those are female. So, if you are looking for an online betting experience filled with easy-going fun, we recommend giving one of our recommended new bingo sites a chance.

Online bingo games and how to improve your chances of winning them

The basic premise of all bingo games is that you match the numbers on a bingo card with those called out by the bingo master (or the bingo software). There are three main varieties of online bingo that you need to be aware of. 75 Ball Bingo is played on a 5x5 card and is extremely popular because it is so fast to play, and the winning patterns are easy to learn. On the other hand, 80 Ball Bingo has more complex patterns, but due to the increased numbers gives players a more engrossing experience and slightly better odds. Lastly, 90 Ball bingo games involve a strip of six cards normally sold for a lower cost, allowing big-time Irish bingo fans to play for just a few cents.

Although bingo games ultimately come down to chance, you can improve your odds of winning by focusing on bankroll management i.e. not spending too much on any one game. If you're trying to win big, it's wise to keep track of the busiest games and the biggest jackpot opportunities, as well as new customer bonuses and loyalty schemes. You should also try to play the numbers, by choosing how many bingo cards to buy based on your likelihood of winning and the size of the prizes on offer. After all, if only a dozen people are playing for a big jackpot prize, then buying several tickets is probably a wise bet. On the other hand, if you overspend on too many tickets during a busy game, you will probably end up wasting your money.

Which new bingo sites can Irish players enjoy online?

Playing bingo games online at one of the recommended sites above will never leave you bored, as you can enjoy a wide range of classic and new bingo games from some top-notch networks. Virtue Fusion is owned by famous slots creator Playtech and runs the biggest bingo network in the UK and Ireland. In fact, Virtue sites together host an impressive 60,000 bingo players a day, allowing them to offer you the chance to win enormous prizes worth hundreds of thousands of euros. Several Virtue Fusion bingo sites also give members access to exclusive bingo rooms and loyalty schemes. The massive Dragonfish bingo network allows Irish bingo fans to enjoy every kind of online bingo game out there, including 90 Ball, 75 Ball and 5 Line Bingo, and offer huge prizes to visitors. Virtue and Dragonfish are the two most popular networks of bingo sites, but as soon as we find a new website with a great bonus for Irish players, we will let you know about it here first!

New bingo sites for Irish players offer great welcome bonuses

On top of the sense of community and exciting gameplay experienced while playing bingo online, if you sign up with one of our recommended bingo sites today you are in for a special treat! You can enjoy some of the best welcome deals around, by clicking the Get Bonus button next to the bingo site of your choice and claiming an incredible bonus. These bonuses range from free cash to free bingo tickets, Amazon vouchers and even some free spins on casino slot games. One thing we have noticed is that new bingo sites tend to offer Irish players the biggest welcome bonuses, and we have collected together the best new online bingo site offers above. Why not sign up with one of these bingo websites today and see if the luck of the Irish is with you?