Ireland's Best Online Poker Sites September 2022

Want to play poker online? These are the best poker casinos in Ireland in 2022!
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Play Online Poker in Ireland

Are you looking to play poker online? Perhaps you are already a poker veteran, and are searching for a new casino which offers a generous welcome bonus for poker fans? Or maybe you are an absolute beginner at poker, and are just looking for somewhere to practice this exciting card game in a low-stakes way? The good news is, we have all the information Irish poker players need to make the right decision on their next online poker site. Read on and see why so many casino players in Ireland are turning their attention to poker.

Poker Clubs in Ireland

Ireland is blessed with plenty of land-based poker clubs, in Dublin, Cork, Galway and most other places in between. These clubs often host prestigious tournaments with prize money measured in the tens of thousands of euros. You can even play poker at certain casinos across Ireland. If you are a seasoned poker player, then you will most likely know where these places are already. If you are new to the world of poker, then we recommend you start off by playing poker online, at one of the top Irish casino sites listed above.

Advantages of Playing Poker Online

There are several advantages to choosing to play poker online instead of in a physical setting. The first is that you can play whenever and wherever you feel like, and don’t have to wait for other players to be physically present at the same time as you are. Secondly, you can control your wager size, and play for low stakes. You don’t have to worry about the thousand euro buy-ins which many poker clubs and tournaments demand. And third, many poker sites will also offer bonuses just for depositing money. You won’t get any welcome bonuses at a poker club or physical casino!

Is Online Poker Legal in Ireland? Is it safe?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal for Irish residents to play online poker, assuming you are of a legal age. Poker is classed as a gambling activity in the same way as blackjack, roulette or slots is, and the Irish government has confirmed that all these casino games are 100% legal. But the question still arises – is poker safe? Well it is safe, assuming you sign up with a secure and responsible casino. All the recommended poker sites above are both legal and safe, so we suggest signing up with one of them today.

Texas Hold’ Em

Texas Hold ‘Em is probably the most popular variant of poker, partly because it is so simple to learn. This form of poker is the played by the best pros in the world in famous tournaments like the World Poker Series. Each player receives two hole cards dealt face down, and 5 face up community cards are then dealt. Players must make the best 5-card hand out of the combination of their hole cards and the community cards. Other forms of poker include Stud, Caribbean Stud (the form played against a dealer in a casino) and Omaha.

Video Poker

Most online casinos will offer video poker as part of their games lobby. Here you will play poker not against any physical opponent, but a piece of computer software. Video Poker is a great way to pass the time and is also the best way to brush up on the rules of the game. You can even play in free mode, with nothing at stake. Once you are more confident, you are likely to want to try your hand at playing against real-lie opponents in a poker network, or in a live casino.

Online Poker Networks

Online poker is played across networks of rooms and tables. At these networked tables, you will play against other poker fans from around the world. The advantage of networks is that you will easily find other players to compete against, so most online casinos plug into the two main global networks. These are the iPoker network, run by Playtech, and the Microgaming Poker Network (MPN). Both networks boast a wide range of poker variants, as well as tournaments, and are suitable for all skill levels and most wager sizes.

Live Casino Poker

In recent years, an exciting new way to play poker has come on the horizon: Live Casino poker. Here Irish customers will play hands of poker against a live dealer, streamed in perfect high definition to their computer or smartphone. The biggest live casino provider is Evolution Gaming, and their live poker games are available at all the recommended casinos above. Since you are playing against a live dealer, the poker variants are a little different to how you play on a network. However, their Casino Hold ‘Em and Live Texas Hold ‘Em games are highly entertaining, as is their Live Caribbean Stud poker. Some of the Live Poker games even come with a progressive jackpot. Try the recommended Irish casinos above for the best in live poker now.

Poker Bonuses

Most Irish poker sites now offer welcome bonuses to new customers when making their first deposit. You can then use the free bonus money in the live casino, on the video poker titles, and usually on the poker networks. We selected our list of Irish casinos above with this poker deposit bonus in mind, and some of them offer incredible welcome offers of over €1000. Again, this is one advantage of playing poker online in Ireland that you won’t find in physical casinos or poker clubs.

Poker Apps

These days, online poker can also be played on your mobile phone, allowing you to try your hand at a game of Caribbean Stud or Texas Hold’ Em wherever you are. You can easily play poker on a dedicated mobile app, downloaded from the Google Play or Apple stores. However, we recommend saving the memory on your smartphone and playing directly at a mobile-friendly online poker site. All the Irish poker sites listed above are optimized for mobile use, so you can pull out your smartphone and start playing whenever is convenient for you.

The Best Irish Poker Sites

When compiling a list of the best poker sites in Ireland, we are looking for operators who offer a full range of experiences for Irish poker fans. We want to see online casinos who have both video and live dealer poker, and if possible, access to the best poker networks too. The ability to play on mobile as well as on your desktop is also critical. And of course, a decent set of deposit bonuses for poker fans will be very welcome! Where can you find our list of the best Irish poker sites? Right here on Top Irish Casinos, of course. The online poker websites above are the top places to play poker in Ireland - with the best bonuses around - so we recommend you have a look at them today!